Dollhouse Management is looking for and accepting submissions for female editorial/commercial models.
Our requirements are as follows:

Age – 16 to 28
Height – 5’7″ to 5’11.5"
Petite — 5’3” to 5’6” (New York/New Jersey ONLY)

Dollhouse Management accepts submissions the following way to

  • By emailing photo’s
  • Brief description of why you want to model.
  • Measurements
  • Instagram Page
  • Contact information

**Photo submission notes:
We are looking for simple digital's in a black or solid colored two piece bikini in front of a clean wall. We need to see the following shots with little to no makeup.

1. Headshot 

2. Left Profile 

3. Left Profile (3/4 waist up)

4.  Right Profile 

5. Right Profile (3/4 waist up)

6. 3/4 (waist up)

7. Full body

8. Smiling headshot 

9. Full body from behind


If you are under 18 please have an adult take the photos and send them in.